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Can we honestly discuss this. Look at this beautiful accurate portrayal of an Ancient Kemit (Egyptian) Queen. She looks like an Ethereal Goddess.
Reasons why we need to cast Black People as Black People.

Oh goodness this is perfection. 
Imagine: Luke

It was a rainy autumn day and you couldn’t be feeling any worse. Your boyfriend was soon to be home and he has not been the same lately. He has just gotten more serious and rough and it was weird. He picked up smoking and this real nasty attitude. The last few weeks  have been very stressful for you both and he is just not the same sweet, positive, and caring boy you fell in love with. You then hear the door open and get up to meet him at the front door. He is standing there cigarette in hand with his wet hair hanging on his face. Even though he has been a dick lately you couldn’t help but get hot and bothered when he acts like this. As you were in a trance thinking of all the things he could do to you he had started to walk towards you. He looks you dead in the eye and asks what the hell you’re looking. You were taken aback by his sudden act of annoyance and replied saying nothing. He then huffed the cigarette smoke in your face. You inhaled it but gave him a real dirty look. He smirked down at you and started to trace your jawline with his finger. You got so pissed at him and swatted his hand away. His smirk was then washed away and replaced with a scowl. He grabbed your hand told you that was not very nice of you and that you’re going to have to pay for that. As he was holding onto your wrist he put out his cigarette in an ashtray right next to the couch he then told you to go up stairs. You didn’t budge. He did not take very kind to that; he lowered his voice to almost a whisper and repeated his words. You didn’t know what Luke was capable of and thought it would be very smart of you to just go upstairs. As you were walking up the stairs he trailed up watching you. You decided to tease him and sway your hips as you went up. You then reached the room and before you could say anything Luke turns you around and slams you against the wall. You wince in the pain it brought you but he covers your mouth with his finger once again flashing that devilish smirk of his. He then starts to trail his finger down your neck, chest, stomach, and leaves it resting on top of your waistband line. You then squirm under his touch and he sighs and makes you stand straight up against the wall again. He then looks into your eyes and kisses you roughly. When you try to bring your hands to his hair grabs them puts them right by your side. He then pulls his lips from yours and begins to take off your shirt. He kisses down your neck to chest leaving very sloppy kisses. He sees that you’re growing very impatient but carries on with the torture. He stops kissing you and bites your ear. You wince in pain and you can feel him smile as he bites your ear again. You reach for his pants but he places your hands by your side once more. He then walks off and sits at the foot of the bed. You try to follow but he holds his hand out and tells you to strip. You found this weird but did not want delay anymore so you did as you were told. You first turned facing your back to him and I clipped your bra and threw it to your side. Next you slid off your jeans and as you slid them off your legs you bent down with them. Next you too off your underwear and stepped out of them as you turned around. When you were facing him you saw that he was palming himself through his pants you smirked at him as you walked over to him. Once you were three feet in front of him stopped and grabbed your waist and laid you down on the bed. He then stood up and took off his shirt and pants leaving him in his boxers. He then laid on too of you propng himself up on one of his elbows. He breathed heavily while looking you up and down. You just stared at his hair waiting to run your fingers through it. He then whispered all mine over and over as he ran his hands up down your body then grabbing your boobs. You tried yo teach for his hair as you arched your back and tilted your head back from the ecstasy. He swatted your hands once more and moved south on your body. He trailed butterfly kisses on the insides of your thighs. As you were about to ask him to do something he then plunged right in to you with out a word. As you are he’d your back in pure ecstasy he grabbed your boobs and started to thrust even harder. It hurt but it felt so good. He leaned over and whispered unimaginable things into your ear while calling you names. With his hands preoccupied you grabbed his hair and pulled as you moaned. Your moaning set him over the edge and as released into you that was all it took for you to do the same. He then pulled out of you plopped down by your side. When you both caught your breath Luke rolled over to you and kissed you. This kiss was very different from before; it was passionate and full of love and desire. When he broke this kiss started to tell you how sorry he was for being in such a pissy mood and that he did not mean to hurt you if he did emotionally or physically the past couple if days. You told him how you understood what he was going through and didn’t mind. And how the sex they just had was mind blowing. He laughed and said the way you would look at him when he smoked gave him the idea. You both laughed for a minute and then Luke got up and out some pants on to go outside and smoke. You out on of his shirts and followed. You both sat on the swinging chair on your porch as he smoked and you inhaled. 

The End 💕



how are people turned off by tattoos they are so fucking hot


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COMING SOON [speakers blow out] TO OWN ON DVD [children scramble for the remote] AND VIDEO CASSETTE [atomic bomb explodes in living room]



this is how u use tinder right

he came out of left field with this one

Marry him


seeing food on my dash


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when i see a cute boy i be like


glow blog

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let’s ruin this persons life and reblog

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talking to person u like alot and u feel like ur annoying them


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